Redmond Directs Funds Toward Housing Projects –

REDMOND, OR — Redmond’s City Council plans to send $980,000 to low-income housing and shelter projects. The money comes from an extra $2 million in the general fund, thanks to recent land sales.

Councilor John Nielsen wants the city to help Shepherd’s House bridge its $750,000 fundraising gap, so its full-time shelter can open this summer, “Part of the request from Shepherd’s House is a common room. And, right now, they are going to be the only hot and cold weather day shelter. So, I think helping get them up and running before we hit the 110-degree summers, I think it benefits all of us.”

The council also agreed to send a small amount to the safe parking program, which Redmond Housing Program Analyst Linda Cline says won’t qualify for state resources through the Governor’s homeless emergency plan, “The state and the feds have decided, at this point, they don’t consider RVs any sort of sheltering. So, things like managed camps and RV parks would not be applicable for this money.”

Cline is part of the Multi-Agency Coordinating Group working on the local plan, assuming the Governor’s package is approved by the legislature, “The anticipation is that we’ll get about $14 million into the region in late March or early April. And, all of those funds need to be expended before the year is up; so, before January 10th of next year. We know that it’s best suited for one-time strategies, we know that it’s good for assistance associated with rehousing the unsheltered, we know it’s good for acquisition and renovations of shelter space; that is a challenge here because we just don’t have empty buildings to renovate. And, it can be used for services directly associated with prevention, sheltering and rehousing.”

City funds are also going toward Housing Works’ 66-unit apartment complex and a Habitat for Humanity townhome project.

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