Scott Rohrer

President & CEO

Scott has a dozen frequent flyer cards. He has managed many types of organizations in many countries and in many industries. He’s also started two non-profit organizations and traveled the world as a Missions Pastor. Scott chose to join Habitat for Humanity in 2015 because of its mission. He says, “I’ve made widgets for a living and I’ve helped people for a living. Helping people is a lot more rewarding, and that’s what Habitat is all about.”

juline bodnar

Chief Financial Officer

Juline has never met an animal she’d not adopt in a heart-beat (well, except snakes, of which she is deathly afraid…). When Juline is not working on numbers or listening to people, she enjoys spending time with her family playing board games, reading, hiking, and playing with her pets, which currently include a German Shepherd, four chickens, and several Koi fish. She’d love a pygmy goat but her husband has said “Enough!” (for now…). Juline works to make the numbers make sense at Habitat. Whether it is a complicated mortgage, a fiscal budget, or next quarter’s cash flow, she’ll likely be in the midst of it!

Sophie Paez

VP of Retail Operations

Despite a completely irrelevant education and work history (photography! natural science!), Sophie has found a pretty incredible fit at Habitat. After a week spent in the thick of humanity, she enjoys running off into the forest alone. Promoting reuse for the benefit of the community and its members has become a true passion, and she’s thankful to come to work everyday alongside others who enjoy what they do.

Scott Brown

Construction Manager

Scott has been with Habitat for Humanity for over ten years in a variety of positions and capacities. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast who can be found most weekends on the mountains, lakes and streams of Central Oregon. Loves to help people realize the joy of home ownership!

deedee johnson

VP of Homeowner Services

DeeDee was voted dancer of the year in high school and loves to make up fitness routines when she can’t sleep. She enjoys riding her vintage 1970’s Schwinn Cruiser (and singing the Pee Wee Herman theme song at the same time). DeeDee assists with homeowner selection and education and creating programs that help people be the best version of themselves.

robin cooper engle

VP of Resource Development

Robin is passionate about red licorice, running & traveling. When she is not working, she is a taxi driver & adventure seeker for her company, Two Tweens with Attitude. Robin loves igniting passion in the community through fundraising & helping people to see how they can partner with Habitat.

mellissa kamanya

Director of Grants Management

Mellissa casually uses slang from the 90’s in her everyday speech. It’s kinda her jam. She is able to make up song parodies on the spot, with a specialty in parenting tracks. Mellissa fundraises and builds community relationships with depth and roots.

Susan Makris

Construction Volunteer Coordinator

Susan loves to see the world, from her hometown in the Redwood Forest to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. When she’s not traveling she enjoys yoga, skiing and generally being in the outdoors. She’s also known for her vegetable puns and retro dance moves. Mostly, Susan loves bringing people together to help build affordable housing.

Sharon Burk

Accounting Manager

Sharon went to both Bend High and Mountain View High,  from the class known as the “Lava Cats”.   She is delighted to be back in Central Oregon, and spends her free time hiking, biking, and skiing- both downhill and Nordic – with her husband Jay.  Sharon feels very fortunate to work for such an amazing organization,  and is happy to use her accounting experience to help keep the numbers running smoothly.

Nicky Merritt

Homeowner Services Manager

Nicky can drive a tractor AND use a calculator. She shares her fixer upper with three sassy kids and two naughty dogs. Nicky supports Habitat families and employees through her various rolls in HR, Family Services and Finance.

Ryan Wentz

Site Supervisor

Ryan Wentz considers it to be an honor to build affordable, efficient homes for hard working families who deserve to have a house they can call their home. When Ryan isn’t working, chances are he’s out enjoying nature. Anything from the rivers to the mountains is fair game!

Grace Weger

Site Supervisor

When Grace isn’t on-site she is probably ripping her dirt bike or shooting her bow (she still hasn’t mastered doing both at the same time) She is passionate about sustainability and proud to be a part of building environmentally progressive affordable housing!

Board of directors


  • Richard Berg -President
  • Jeremy Green -Vice President
  • Eleanor Bessonette -Vice President
  • Joyce Cranston -Secretary
  • Bruce Schroeder -Treasurer


  • Myra Girod
  • Todd Hakala
  • Tim Hix
  • Tyrell Hobbs


  • Andrew Hoeksema
  • Steve McDonald
  • Beverly Pahlisch