Carly Colgan

Chief Executive Officer

Carly brings a people-first approach to building an organizational culture that drives innovation, collaboration, and results. She has dedicated her career to housing justice and advocates for changes that promote housing equity and removes barriers to building more housing. Outside of work, Carly enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, biking, and generally being outdoors.

juline bodnar

Chief Financial Officer

Juline has never met an animal she’d not adopt in a heart-beat (well, except snakes, of which she is deathly afraid…). When Juline is not working on numbers or listening to people, she enjoys spending time with her family playing board games, reading, hiking, and playing with her pets, which currently include a German Shepherd, four chickens, and several Koi fish. She’d love a pygmy goat but her husband has said “Enough!” (for now…). Juline works to make the numbers make sense at Habitat. Whether it is a complicated mortgage, a fiscal budget, or next quarter’s cash flow, she’ll likely be in the midst of it!

deedee johnson

VP of Homeowner Services

DeeDee was voted dancer of the year in high school and loves to make up fitness routines when she can’t sleep. She enjoys riding her vintage 1970’s Schwinn Cruiser (and singing the Pee Wee Herman theme song at the same time). DeeDee assists with homeowner selection and education and creating programs that help people be the best version of themselves.

Scott Brown

Construction Manager

Scott has been with Habitat for Humanity for over ten years in a variety of positions and capacities. He is an avid outdoors enthusiast who can be found most weekends on the mountains, lakes and streams of Central Oregon. Loves to help people realize the joy of home ownership!

Scott Nordquist

Director of Grants Management

Despite a mostly irrelevant background (Park Ranger! Ski Patrol!) Scott is happy to have found a home at Habitat. He’s always up to chat about project funding & plans, and takes pride in helping to make homeownership a reality for local families. On the weekends you can find him running, hiking and biking around Central Oregon with his wife, kids and dogs.

Darrion Cotroneo

Director of Development

Darrion has lived in a few different countries doing human rights work, and she speaks Arabic and Mandarin. When she’s not working, you’ll find her backpacking, running, reading, or learning another language! Darrion champions donor relations, community building, and all things fundraising.

Chris Wheat

Director of Retail Operations

Chris and his family arrived in Bend after traveling the world and the country for a year and a half. Formerly the Director of Operations for a church in Chicago, Chris also enjoys renovating homes and is thrilled to have a chance to combine his passion and knowledge at the ReStore.

When he’s not at the office, you’ll find him playing with his kids at parks, going for walks, paddle-boarding or teaching his daughter to ski.

Grace Weger

Director of Land Acquisition and Development

When Grace isn’t on-site she is probably ripping her dirt bike or shooting her bow (she still hasn’t mastered doing both at the same time) She is passionate about sustainability and proud to be a part of building environmentally progressive affordable housing!

Wendy Kirchhoff

Homeowner Services Manager

Wendy is passionate about partnering with people and organizations to build up our communities. She started her career working in Nicaragua with a grassroots organization focused on community development initiatives and from there moved to Phoenix, AZ to work in a professional skills training program for young adults. Outside of work, Wendy is an avid mountain biker and can be found ripping down the mountain or hitting some big jumps on her bike.

Hank Montgomery

Construction Site Supervisor

Hank is the site supervisor for the construction team. During the day he’s building stuff on site with a motley Crew of volunteers and Americorps. After work you might find him, well… building more stuff in his shop, [stubbornly] fixing broken machines that probably deserve to just retire peacefully, or painting portraits while listening to ancient history podcasts.

Susan Makris

Construction Volunteer Coordinator

Susan loves to see the world, from her hometown in the Redwood Forest to the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. When she’s not traveling she enjoys yoga, skiing and generally being in the outdoors. She’s also known for her vegetable puns and retro dance moves. Mostly, Susan loves bringing people together to help build affordable housing.

Steve Stevens

ReStore Volunteer Coordinator

Steve Stevens has lived in beautiful Bend, Oregon for the last 12 years but originally grew up in not-so-beautiful Hollywood, Florida. Steve is also married to his gorgeous wife and together they have the cutest baby boy! When he’s not working, Steve loves to be at home watching reality tv shows, chasing his son while he laughs, drawing, and occasionally venturing outside in the real world to see live standup comedy with his wife.

Karson Maitland

Procurement Coordinator / Asst. Site Supervisor

Karson came from a completely different background studying biology/pre-med, but after graduation, changed direction and worked with Habitat as an AmeriCorps Construction Volunteer. She loved the work so much, she decided to join Habitat’s staff and continues to make a positive impact on the community. Outside of work, Karson is usually hanging out with her pup and listening to music.

Sharon Burk

Accounting & HR Manager

Sharon went to both Bend High and Mountain View High,  from the class known as the “Lava Cats”.   She is delighted to be back in Central Oregon, and spends her free time hiking, biking, and skiing- both downhill and Nordic – with her husband Jay.  Sharon feels very fortunate to work for such an amazing organization,  and is happy to use her accounting experience to help keep the numbers running smoothly.

Board of directors


  • Eleanor Bessonette -President
  • BK Crider -Vice President
  • Joyce Cranston -Secretary
  • Tim Hix -Treasurer


  • Jeff Belzer
  • Jose Graterol
  • Michael Hanbey
  • Andrew Hoeksema
  • Steve McDonald
  • Scott Holmberg
  • Heather Webster


  • Richard Berg