Rights, Responsibilities, Policies and Values

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Bend-Redmond Habitat works with qualified, deserving families and individuals to help them realize the dream of owning their own home.


A world where everyone has a decent place to live.


Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity is dedicated to providing affordable homeownership opportunities for deserving families and individuals in Bend and Redmond. 

We are dedicated to changing lives by bringing people together to help make a difference in our communities through affordable housing. Our success depends on our community’s support through volunteering.

Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity is currently experiencing unprecedented growth.  We have a multi-faceted operation that not only includes home building, but also ReStores, administrative and free reclamation services.


Habitat for Humanity International is a global nonprofit housing organization that was founded in Americus, Georgia, USA, in 1976 by Millard Fuller and Clarence Jordan. The organization is operated under Christian principals and was founded on the conviction that every man, woman and child should have a simple, durable place to live in dignity and safety, and that decent shelter in decent communities should be a matter of conscience and action for all. Habitat for Humanity International is dedicated to eliminating substandard housing through homeownership, home repairs, microfinance loans, advocacy for fair housing policies, and by being a resource to help those in need of better shelter. And, through this work, Habitat for Humanity International has served more than 1 million families around the world.

Bend-Redmond Habitat is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International and serves as a part of their global efforts. In 1989, Les Alford and a group of like-minded individuals saw the urgent need for decent affordable housing for well deserving families in Central Oregon.  They established our local affiliate and developed an environment where volunteerism became the key to helping the families and individual with affordable housing, one home at a time.

Originally Bend and Redmond were served by two separate affiliates but in 2019, Bend Habitat proudly merged with Redmond Habitat, thus officially becoming Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity. Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity serves Bend and Redmond communities through the Bend-Redmond Habitat ReStores and through homeownership and home repairs.


For the last 30 years, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity has been a major contributor to safe, stable and affordable homeownership opportunities in our community as well as a major contributor to the community overall. Over the last 30 years we have built 163 homes, repaired 145 more homes, yielded over $1.7 million in property taxes paid by Habitat Homeowners, invested more than $12 million in the construction, renovation and repair of homes, served more than 1000 children and adults, and house 8 Veteran families. Moving forward, we plan to continue this legacy and hope to contribute to our community even more by providing 10-12 affordable homeownership opportunities every year.



With the exception of a few highly skilled tasks (e.g. concrete, electrical, plumbing & HVAC), most of our work on a Habitat home site is done by volunteers. No construction experience is needed and there are tasks for all skill levels. Under the direction of our on-staff Site Supervisors, a willing volunteer can learn and do just about anything on our construction sites and we encourage everyone to try. Bend-Redmond Habitat has active home sites in Bend and Redmond. See our website for current build days and hours. Volunteers are encouraged to work a full day but are welcome to stay as long as you are available and able.


We strive to provide a fun and meaningful experience for everyone working here, whether you are a community member looking to give back, paid staff, worker in training, or community service volunteer.

We are a diverse group, here for a variety of reasons, but all working to further the ReStore Mission of providing additional funding to support Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity programs: new home construction, home repair & weatherization; Making home improvement accessible to those who might otherwise be unable to afford it, as well as those who prefer to improve their homes through reuse versus consumption of new goods; providing good stewardship of sustainable resources in the community.   

We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities including cashiering, donation intake & processing, merchandising, donation pick-up and much more.  Most regular ReStore volunteers work a four-hour shift per week.  


Construction Material & Fixture Removal for Homeowners & Contractors.  Our staff led volunteer crew removes worthwhile non-structural items such as cabinets, decks, fencing and fixtures free of charge.  Helping the donor save money and get a tax credit for their donation while generating more funds for building Habitat homes and keeping good materials out of the landfill.  This is an on-call volunteer position with the opportunity to help with the projects that fit your schedule.  Reclamation projects generally take a half a day.


We have committees for several different aspects of our mission including Fundraising, Finance, Construction, Board of Directors, and Homeowner Services. These are very important volunteer positions that allow us to serve more families. Serving on a committee or the board is a fixed-term volunteer position.

Special events including fundraisers, home dedications, groundbreaking and other events take a lot of work to plan and host. With your help we can make them bigger and better. Tasks may include planning, preparations, setup, and clean-up.  Helping with a special event can be a one-time volunteer opportunity or a fixed-term volunteer position.



A Direct Service Volunteer is defined as someone who volunteers on a routine basis by providing direct service to Bend-Redmond Habitat at a build site, ReStore, reclamation project and/or administrative office. 

Direct Service Volunteers can be individual regular volunteers or groups/teams from local businesses, churches, school groups or other organizations.

Regular individual Direct Service Volunteers are encouraged to work at least one four-hour shift per week.  


An Indirect Service Volunteer is defined as a volunteer who assists Bend-Redmond Habitat by volunteering on the board of directors, a committee and/or by providing a donated service. Indirect service volunteer job descriptions take a more general approach to assigned duties and tasks.  


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity welcomes community service volunteers from civic groups, schools, community assistance programs, and the judicial system.  It is the community service volunteer’s responsibility to maintain an accurate time sheet and to ensure that it is signed off at the end of each day by a Bend-Redmond Habitat Staff Supervisor.  Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity does not recognize breaks or lunches to be community service time.  It should be further understood that only actual time worked will be credited for community service.  In all other respects, court-ordered community service volunteers will be treated and held accountable to the same standards as all other volunteers.  Bend-Redmond Habitat reserves the right to restrict individuals from volunteering based on the nature of the offense they committed.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity works in partnership with local and state agencies such as Experience Works and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council.  These organizations place individuals in local businesses like ours to gain experience in a variety of areas, such as customer service and cashiering, in order to become more employable.  Participants receive a stipend from their agency, but the host site does not pay anything.  These individuals play an important role for Bend-Redmond Habitat as they are able to commit more hours than most regular individual volunteers (generally about 20 hours per week).  Our responsibility is to provide a meaningful and worthwhile experience for these volunteers so that they may succeed in finding traditional employment. 


All chosen Bend-Redmond Habitat homeowners are required to work 150 “partner”, or sweat equity hours.  When new families or individuals are accepted into the homeownership program, they are to be trained alongside new volunteers.  Those in the program should be encouraged to set up consistent schedules to complete their needed partnership hours.  


Regular individual Direct Service, Indirect Service, Workers-In-Training and Habitat Family volunteers may qualify for a 20% Club Card.  

Volunteers are to be reimbursed for all expenses incurred while on duty that pertain specifically to their volunteer job. All expenses require permission prior to them being incurred. 

Please note that volunteers DO NOT get reimbursed for mileage to and from Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity build sites, Restores or any other Habitat sponsored events.


All volunteers have the right to:

  • A Safe work environment
  • Be treated with respect and equality.
  • Be given a suitable task/assignment.
  • Know the identity of their supervisor.
  • Receive patient and thoughtful training for the job as needed.
  • Participate in training that will enhance job performance and personal development.
  • Receive feedback on the quality of work, including areas needing improvement.
  • Be informed about program activities and calendar changes.
  • Be heard – State grievances in an appropriate manner.
  • Be greeted by name, thanked and have one’s contributions celebrated.


All volunteers have the responsibility to:

  • Share the responsibility of maintaining a safe work environment. 
  • Comply with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity’s confidentiality policy (See below).
  • Arrive on time, report absences, and perform assigned tasks.
  • Adhere to program policies and regulations.
  • Respect privacy and responsibilities of staff and other volunteers.
  • Be courteous to and inclusive of staff and other volunteers; customers as applies.
  • Respect the judgment of professional staff.
  • Sign-up through and track volunteer hours with Volunteer Hub.
  • Keep personal and emergency contact information up to date in Volunteer Hub
  • Make constructive suggestions for improvement.


Each volunteer is expected to:

  • Maintain professionalism of conduct and appearance in the workplace.
  • Be courteous and respectful of fellow volunteers, staff and stakeholders.
  • Be a team player. A team is composed of people who work toward a common goal through sharing ideas, concerns and experiences.
  • Use supplies and equipment properly and efficiently.
  • Adhere to our inclusion philosophy as our staff, habitat families, donors, customers and other stakeholders come from all walks of life just as our volunteers do, we are all part of a team working towards a common goal of providing affordable housing for our community.  No discrimination is allowed for any reason including sex, gender, age, race, color, religion, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, source of income, political affiliation, or any basis protected by applicable law.


You and Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity share the responsibility for establishing and maintaining a safe work environment.  Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity will attempt to ensure a safe work environment and to comply with federal, state, and local safety regulations.  In turn, you are expected to obey safety rules and to exercise caution in all your work activities.  You are also asked to report any unsafe conditions to your supervisor immediately.  Any accident, which results in injury, regardless of how insignificant, must be reported promptly to your supervisor.  Build sites will provide volunteers with all needed personal protective equipment (PPE).

If you are in need of minor first aid treatment, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity does have first aid kits located in various areas on our property, in our vehicles and at the construction sites.  Please see your supervisor for exact locations. Construction & ReStore staff are also trained in First Aid if you are in need of assistance. If a trip to the hospital or a doctor is required, please notify your supervisor immediately.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity is committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. Engaging in any act of harassment, or discriminating against staff, volunteers or stakeholders because of sex, gender, age, race, color, religion, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, source of income, political affiliation, or any basis protected by applicable law will not be tolerated.

It is against Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity policy for any volunteer, male or female, to sexually harass another volunteer, staff or stakeholder by making unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity also prohibits epithets, slurs, negative stereotyping, threats, intimidation, hostile acts, and offensive humor that relates to sex, gender, age, race, color, religion, marital status, familial status, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, source of income, political affiliation, or any basis protected by applicable law.

Any volunteer who feels that he/she is a victim of harassment by any Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity fellow volunteer or staff member should immediately notify their supervisor. 


Volunteers under the influence of alcohol or drugs pose a great risk to themselves, other volunteers, staff, clients, and property. Therefore, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity prohibits the possession or consumption of alcohol, or possession, use or distribution of any non-prescribed controlled substance, (hereafter, “drug” or “drugs”), or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity premises or during work time. Violation of this policy will result in immediate disciplinary action, up to and including termination of volunteer status.



Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity values the safety of children, our employees, volunteers, donors, and the families we serve.  We want to take prudent measures to protect our human and material resources.  


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity requires that criminal background checks and sex offender registry checks be conducted for all board members, employees, partner families and individual volunteers prior to service or partnership.  Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to recheck criminal backgrounds and sex offender registries at any time during the homebuilding process, course of employment and/or volunteer service.  

Any person who does not consent to a criminal background check and sex offender registry check will not be permitted to work, volunteer and/or participate as a partner family with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity. 


A previous conviction may disqualify an applicant from employment or service with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity as a board member, partner to a family, and/or an individual volunteer.  In determining eligibility, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity, in its sole discretion, may consider several factors, including, without limitation, the:  

nature, duties and responsibilities of the position; nature of the conviction and whether children were involved; time elapsed since the offense; extent to which the offense may affect the person’s fitness or ability to perform the duties or responsibilities of the position; age of the candidate when the illegal activity occurred; number of convictions (if more than one); any information produced by the person, or produced on the person’s behalf demonstrating rehabilitation and good conduct, or that otherwise refutes the conviction (such as a subsequent reversal or pardon); whether hiring, transferring, promoting or partnering with the applicant and/or candidate would pose a risk to the organization; whether the state’s public policy encourages employment of persons who have been convicted of crimes; the nature of the build, i.e., proximity of houses, mixed use communities, etc.; and/or any other factor the affiliate deems relevant to the decision.

A record of arrest alone will not disqualify an applicant from employment or from service with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity.  However, the conduct underlying any such arrest may be considered, to the extent such conduct is ascertainable or admitted, consistent with the criteria outlined in this policy.


If a person withholds information or falsifies information pertaining to previous convictions, the person may be disqualified.

The following list provides some examples in which Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity may, within its sole discretion and depending on the individual circumstances of each offense and offender as assessed under the factors listed in Section 2.1 above, determine an individual to be ineligible for employment, homeownership and/or volunteer service:

  • embezzlement or fraud conviction of a Fundraising Director applicant;
  • statutory rape conviction of a Volunteer Coordinator applicant;
  • stalking conviction against a supervisory candidate or candidate with access to personal information such as an Executive Director or Human Resources personnel;
  • murder and/or assault conviction against a candidate with access to dangerous instruments, i.e., Construction Manager;
  • burglary conviction of a partner family member in a condominium or apartment style community; and/or
  • restraining order.

This list is not exhaustive, is for illustrative purposes only, and is intended only to serve as examples of the kinds of criminal conduct that can affect an applicant’s fitness for a particular position.  Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity reserves the right to weigh disqualification criteria on a case-by-case basis and to make selection decisions in its sole discretion consistent with this policy.  Disqualification may extend to any position with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity and associated entities, including, but not limited to Habitat for Humanity International, Inc., Branches, National Organizations, Affiliates, Disaster Response Centers, Regional Support Centers and State Support Centers.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity will make good faith efforts to comply with the following procedures when conducting criminal background checks and sex offender registry checks:

  • Conduct a criminal history background check that will obtain criminal history information from various sources including but not limited to national criminal database searches, statewide criminal database searches and county criminal record searches.
  • Other sources of obtaining criminal records data may be added as they become available.
  • National Sex Offender registry searches will be conducted on all candidates and Motor Vehicle Records may be searched on candidates that may drive organizational vehicles as a part of their employment.
  • All criminal background checks will be conducted in full compliance of all Federal, State and local regulations in force at the time the background check is initiated.
  • All candidates must give electronic authorization to the organization and the third-party processor to conduct the criminal background and sex-offender registry check. 
  • Additionally, all minor candidates ages 14-17 must complete a criminal background & sex offender registry check prior to volunteering.  They must also return signed Parental Authorization Form prior to authorizing their criminal background and sex-offender registry check.
  • Ensure all recruitment information, applications, announcements, and descriptions state the position or partner family relationship requires a criminal background & sex offender registry check.
  • Seek prior approval in accordance with applicable laws, and in particular, where third party vendors are retained to conduct criminal background checks.
  • Court Ordered Community Service volunteers must pay the third-party processors fee for their criminal background check and sex-offender registry check.
  • Individual Volunteers may submit criminal background and sex-offender registry check from another non-profit organization or agency that has been completed within the previous 6-month period.
  • Initiate criminal background checks prior to the hire, transfer, promotion, or reassignment of individuals, including reclassification, depending on the specific requirements of the position. 
  • Notify the individual under consideration that an offer for any personnel action (employment, transfer, promotion, reclassification, or change in duties) or homeowner status is conditioned on successful completion of the criminal background check, and that falsification of information submitted may be cause for corrective action, up to and including dismissal and/or elimination from the homeownership program.
  • Review criminal background check and sex offender registry checks that reveal convictions and determine within a reasonable time whether such convictions may disqualify individuals from positions and/or family partnership.
  • Limit access to the results of any criminal background checks to the Assistant Executive Director, appropriate hiring and/or supervising manager, department head and/or volunteer coordinator.
  • All loan originators, finance staff, and family services staff shall have a background check completed annually. This is in accordance with Quality Assurance Covenants signed with Habitat for Humanity International and the regulations for mortgage and loan origination.
  • Follow a “Never Alone” policy when working at Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity. Volunteering at public spaces such as the Habitat ReStore, Habitat Office or Habitat build site is by definition a community group activity, with most interaction between adults and/or minors 16 -18 years old, in small to medium size group settings.  It is in the best interest of Habitat staff and individual volunteers to not be alone with a minor or an individual of the opposite sex.


For any applicant who it is determined may be disqualified from any employment, individual volunteer positions and/or family partnership, provide an opportunity for the applicant to, within 7 days, produce information demonstrating rehabilitation and good conduct, or otherwise providing an explanation for or refutation of the convictions.

Based on any or all of the criteria outlined in this policy, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity may, in its sole discretion, decide that an employee will be terminated, an individual volunteer will be dismissed, partner family will be denied/deselected, or an applicant will not be hired.  

In the employment or individual volunteer context, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity may, in its sole discretion, also choose to reassign a former convict to a job involving less exposure to risk.  In deciding whether to reassign such an employee or individual volunteer, Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity may, in its sole discretion, consider the following factors in addition to those identified in Section 2.1 of this policy:

  • the type and location of the job – whether it would give the offender access to potential victims;
  • the types of co-workers and subordinates in the workplace;
  • whether the job would involve travel;
  • work hours;
  • degree of supervision; and/or 
  • amount of access to technology, i.e., the Internet.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity requires yearly motor vehicle checks and current copy of State of Oregon issued Driver License prior to any volunteer service that includes operating any of Bend-Redmond Habitat vehicles.


All personal information shared while performing the duties of any assignment as a volunteer for Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity, including name, phone number, address, birthdate, background check, DMV check or any other personal information will be kept confidential and will not be shared at any time.  As a volunteer of Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity you shall not share any personal information of other volunteers, staff, habitat families and/or any other stakeholders.  The confidentiality agreement continues even when the volunteer no longer is a volunteer at Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity.


Consistency in conveying our message to the public is of critical importance to Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity. To ensure consistency, all media inquiries should be forwarded to the Development Director (or, if unavailable, to the Executive Director). A volunteer should not make statements, as a representative of Bend-Redmond Habitat at any time to the media or the public regarding Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity or any of its programs or volunteers, staff or stakeholders.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity Volunteers understands that, except as otherwise agreed to by Habitat in writing, Habitat does not carry or maintain health, medical, or disability insurance coverage for any Volunteer. 

Each regular individual volunteer is expected and encouraged to obtain his/her own medical and/or health insurance coverage.


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity believes that everyone deserves the full respect of our staff and volunteers. All volunteers are expected to perform the work assigned to them in a manner that meets Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity standards, and to make every effort to maintain good relationships with fellow volunteers and staff, customers, donors and all other stakeholders. 

It is Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity’s policy to follow an approach of progressive discipline. Discipline less than termination of volunteer status may take the form of an oral warning or a written warning. The Volunteer Coordinator and immediate supervisor will make the determination of the seriousness of the situation. 


Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity build sites will follow the local schools for closure or delay of the build site. 

  • Bend Build Sites follow the Bend-LaPine School District
  • Redmond Build Sites follow the Redmond School District 

ReStores and Administrative Offices will close as needed to ensure the safety of all volunteers & staff.


Please check out our up-to-date volunteer opportunities and information


Please check out our website for the most up to date hours of operations


Updated 12-8-2020