Don't Want To Swing A Hammer?

Other Opportunities

Don’t want to swing a hammer or sell a sofa? Bend-Redmond Habitat has many volunteer opportunities including committees, family mentors, special events, board of directors and much more.

We have committees for several different aspects of our mission including Fundraising, Finance, Construction, Board of Directors and Homeowner Services. These are very important volunteer positions that allow us to serve more families. Please let us know when you attend orientation that you are interested in a committee volunteer position.

Event Volunteer
Special events including fundraisers, home dedications, ground breaking and other events take a lot of work to plan and host. With your help we can make them bigger and better. Tasks may include planning, preparations, setup, and clean-up.

On occasion we have a need for volunteer help to aid us with day to day operations in the office. Tasks may include data entry, filing, shredding, organizing, and other special tasks.  Training provided.


Help our wonderful volunteer team salvage good re-usable building materials to be sold at the ReStore as part of a the Free Reclamation.  Cabinets, doors, windows  and much more.  We welcome skilled or unskilled volunteers, we do 2-4 projects a month, this is a on-call position.

Do you have other skills or talents that you wish to share?  Please let us know when you attend orientation about your talent and how you would like to help us!

Youth Making a Difference

It’s never too early to start getting involved with Habitat for Humanity! When youth volunteer, they are able to gain invaluable life experience and develop new skills.

Ages 5-7
  • Make a welcome basket for new Habitat homeowners and their families
  • Sing a song at the Dedication of a Habitat home
  • Stock the pantry for a new Habitat homeowner family
  • Make thank you cards for Habitat volunteers and donors • Collect cans to fundraise for Bend-Redmond Habitat
  • Coordinate a time to volunteer at the Bend or Redmond ReStore
Ages 7-10
  • Draw or write welcoming messages on 2×4 boards before the framing of a new Habitat home
  • Learn about our local environment by landscaping at a Habitat home
  • Make wooden picture frames or doorstops from extra wood at a Habitat site
  • Organize a birthday gift project for the children of a Habitat homeowner
  • Coordinate a time to volunteer at the Bend or Redmond ReStore
Ages 10-12
  • Speak to fellow classmates about Bend-Redmond Habitat with the help of Habitat staff 
  • Make flower boxes or storage benches out of extra wood from a Habitat site for a family.
  • Build and paint window boxes for a housewarming gift to a Habitat family or use as a fundraiser
  • Clear debris at a Habitat construction site
  • Design a t-shirt for Habitat
  • Volunteer at Bend or Redmond’s ReStore
Ages 12-14
  • Learn about another country where Habitat for Humanity builds. Use your newly acquired knowledge to fundraise for Bend-Redmond Habitat
  • Paint doors and baseboards off site before they are installed into a Habitat home 
  • Make a scrapbook for a Habitat homeowner family
  • Design a youth webpage for the Bend-Redmond Habitat website
  • Make a video or presentation about your Habitat experience to educate & encourage your friends and classmates to get involved with Habitat
  • Volunteer at Bend or Redmond’s ReStore
Ages 15-17
  • Build storage sheds for Habitat families
  • Build picnic or lunch tables for the construction site
  • Tutor the children of a Habitat homeowner
  • Provide group babysitting for Habitat families
  • Clean a Habitat home before its Dedication
  • Design youth marketing materials for Bend-Redmond Habitat
  • Make a video or presentation about your Habitat experience to educate & encourage your friends and classmates to get involved with Habitat
  • Volunteer at Bend or Redmond’s ReStore


ReStore is Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity’s number one fundraiser. By volunteering, you’re helping build homes right here in Bend and Redmond. Volunteers are needed six days a week and can accommodate a wide range of skill levels, physical abilities and ages.

Volunteers are the heart of our store.

We strive to provide a fun and meaningful experience for everyone working here, whether community member looking to give back, paid staff, workers in training, or community service volunteers. We are a diverse group of people here for a variety of reasons, but all working to further the ReStore Mission (and we have a lot of FUN doing it):

Youth and Groups

The ReStore welcomes volunteers 9 – 13 years of age to volunteer with an adult guardian/parent. Volunteers 14 and older are welcome on their own.

We are happy to accommodate your school, business, church or civic group with advance notice. Teams have more fun when we’re able to organize a special project.

Please contact Brenda Jackson our Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

ReStore Volunteer Positions include:

Department Organizer: Maintains appearance and inventory in specific departments.

Customer Helper: Remains available for customers with product/project questions in main building, out buildings, and/or building materials yard.

Pick-Up Assistant: Assists Driver with donation pick-ups. Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds. Background check required.

Donation Receiver: Greets donors, screens and processes donations.

Cashier: Assists customers in the store and over the phone with questions and purchases. Minimum of three months ReStore experience and background check required.

Front Desk Assistant: Assists cashier by greeting and assisting customers in the store and over the phone.

Re-Claimer: Assists reclamation team with removal of non-structural materials from homes and businesses.

Up-Cycler: “Up-Cycles” ReStore inventory for sale in store under the CUP (Creative Upcycled Projects) label.

YOU: Special skills? Tell us about them. Create your special niche on planet ReStore!